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“Transformation at its best”

To be the best in any area of life it starts with the mind, limits exist only in the mind.


Here at Olympus Fitness and Performance we are about breaking barriers within the training mind and pushing people to achieve their goals in health and fitness!


We can do this with the exciting unique training equipment we are providing within the facilities we have available at this gym.



Zone Training

Fight Zone

Experience what it is like to be a fighter without being hit and train as a fighter does. With Boxfit you can become fit without having a black eye or nose bleed!


Or learn to box with an experienced trainer in a one on one or small group.


Get a group of friends and learn together in a safe controlled environment.

Strength Zone

Our unique equipment targets not only the athlete but the average man or woman.


Become a strong man or a strong woman with our specialty gear.

Speed Zone

Enhance your athletic ability, increase your speed and join us on the indoor turf track with our prowlers, tyres and the all time favourite tred sled.


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